Community Activities

Beside the Seaside

Funeral Director Trevor Boorman served up a tasty seaside treat for the residents of two local care homes. Trevor wrote to ten local establishments and there were two who jumped at the chance for their residents to enjoy a day trip out.

On 12th August a group from Hastings Court Care Home in Hastings were chauffeur driven in a limousine to Hastings Pier where they enjoyed traditional fish and chips and on 21st August it was the turn of Bryher Court Nursing Home in St Leonard’s to enjoy the summer breeze and take in the sea air.

Trevor said: “ It was a great success, the Nursing Home said that they want to build on our relationship. Local Labour Councillor Margi O’Callaghan was in attendance and she said that she would help out whatever way she could. Lord Brett McLean – a local entrepreneur assisted with getting the limousine right onto the pier so a thank you must go out to him for all his help. All in all, I feel this was a very positive adventure.”

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